10 Guys Bella Hadid Has Dated !!!

Recently, it seems like everyone wants to know if model Bella Hadid is getting back together with her former partner, The Weeknd. But who else has she been romantically linked to? We’ll give you an overview of Bella’s romantic history, including all of the rumors you have probably heard. Drake did throw a birthday party for Bella, but he claims that there’s no way he wrote songs for her on his new album. Stella Maxwell and Bella were great friends, but is there a chance that they crossed the line into something romantic? It seems that Bella has also been linked to many athletes, including Jordan Clarkson, Odell Beckham Jr. and Jordan Barrett, and we’ll let you know the facts about their relationships. Do you think that Bella and The Weeknd are getting back together, and will their relationship last this time? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section and click subscribe for more from TheTalko.

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