10 Marvel Movie Heroes Who Did Terrible Things We Choose To Ignore

When you really think about it, these Marvel heroes have done some terrible things!

We all make mistakes but when you’re a super-powered do-gooder, even the smallest of blunders can have Earth-shattering consequences. Maybe you left your keys in the car this morning and locked yourself out or spilled milk during breakfast but imagine if the keys unlocked the secrets of the universe or instead of milk it was a vile of poisonous gas that shattered on your floor. These are the big mistakes that would haunt you! And they are exactly the kinds of things are heroes are tasked with doing; safeguarding the world from all manner of threats.In doing so heroes take some bigs risks – after all it’s part of their job description – but in their efforts to save the world from imminent danger they do some things which are questionable, irresponsible, or downright dangerous. Now the casual viewer may not pick up on the ramifications of these actions at first but we’ve watched these amazing movies over and over again and we’ve found some less than virtuous actions by some of our favourite heroes. Hey, pobody’s nerfect, right?

In today’s video we’re looking at the actions of Tony Stark, Dr. Hank Pym, Professor X among others. Some of their actions while entirely reasonable appear downright nefarious looked at from a different point of view. Take Charles Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. It’s not just an academic institution for mutants, it’s also a high-tech training facility. Along with science and math, young mutants are given extensive combat training. Or recall for a moment that Tony Stark has gotten his hands on some pretty impressive technology over the years – some of which could revolutionize life on Earth but has not shared these discoveries with the world. Then again you might consider T’Challa’s isolationist policy for Wakanda, a policy many argue against in the name of philanthropy and one he abandons haphazardly half way through the film. Which, incidentally, proves to be a huge security risk for Wakanda, a country that has hidden itself from outside eyes since its inception. We’ll dig deeper into these and many other examples in 10 Marvel Movie Heroes Who Did Terrible Things No One Noticed. And be warned, there are spoilers.

1-Tony Tech Hoarder
2-Shrinking Ethics
3-National Security Risk
4-Un-Secret Identity
5-The Professor’s Child Army
6-Furious Mind Games
7-Doc’s Time Machine
8-Tony Stark Pulls an Xavier
9-Rocket’s Kleptomania
10-Captain America Almost Killed a Kid

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