10 Painfully Racist Moments The Simpsons Want You To Forget – Screen Rant

For 29 seasons and counting, The Simpsons has provided laughs, classic television moments, and are one of America’s most beloved family. Through the years, the show has had its fair share of controversy, including a number of moments deemed racist or stereotypical. Most notably, the show has made headlines in recent weeks about the treatment of the character Apu and the way the Indian character has been portrayed over the years.

Today, we dive deep into some more racial moments the show has featured over the years. With an all-white cast, the show has been accused of using “Black Voice” for characters like Karl and Dr. Hibbert. In the episode Blame It On Lisa, the show lampoons the city of Brazil, their citizens, and way of life. As The Simpsons expands around the world, one promo was very controversial to hype the African premiere of The Simpsons. In the episode 30 Minutes Over Tokyo, the Simpsons deal with every Japanese stereotype possible and often in an offensive manner. The same thing happens in the “Simpsons Movie” when the family goes to Alaska. The jab at Fox News fans turns into a racial debate for a quick joke featured on the show. In a season 9 episode, a Model U.N Club is filled with stereotypes and cultural appropriation. The Simpsons also once traveled to Ireland where they took on the stereotypes there and made fun of another culture. The Color Yellow is The Simpsons’ attempt at showcasing slavery, but there are numerous moments where the point is lost. Watch to see all these moments and more!

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