10 Rules Gal Gadot MUST Follow To Keep Her Role As Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot landed the coveted role of “Wonder Woman” in 2017 and shot to instant stardom. We’re certain she was more than thrilled to be playing the DC Comics iconic character, but it definitely didn’t come without sacrifice. Warner Bros has some strict rules for their stars and many of them you’ll be shocked to learn about! Gadot carried the entire film on her back as she collaborated with director Patty Jenkins and fellow actor Chris Pine and Robin Wright and she did a darn good job as she’ll be back for “Wonder Woman 2”.

So what were some of those crazy rules that Gal decided were worth following to embody such a force of nature? Well, it was more than just her time, as it’s a must to sign on for a three picture deal. It was endless workouts and training accompanied by specific diets while still remaining feminine and elegant. Not to mention that she doesn’t even get to read the script until the first day of shooting. That goes hand in hand with keeping her mouth shut about the project. Imagine not being able to celebrate that until later?! Or how about the rate she got paid? Then there are the rigours of learning to ride a horse…because come on…she’s Wonder Woman. Maybe the most difficult one to follow through is no jokes allowed on set…you heard that right, all because of their Marvel/Disney competition. She was also told that she is replaceable, so no pressure, but she better do well!

All these rules and more will be revealed in this video! Wait until you hear number one, you’ll be shocked she accepted the role with so many strings attached! We guess playing Wonder Woman is any girls dream!


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