10 Wonder Woman Mistakes They Thought No One Would Notice !!

Wonder Woman might be regarded as one of the best DCEU films yet, but it’s not perfect! S

Wonder Woman may be one of the best movies in the whole DCEU, but that doesn’t mean it’s not without mistakes. Any type of epic production is bound to be filled with problems and it’s no different for Wonder Woman’s journey. See some of the smaller problems found in the film and when they took place.

During a dinner party at a castle, Wonder Woman wears a blue dress with a sword hidden in. Moments later she sheds the dress and appears on horseback in her signature armor. Later in the film, Wonder Woman uses her sword to kill Ludendorff, but there’s no blood found anywhere on the sword. As Wonder Woman travels through a war area, she finds No Man’s Land and removes her cloak to battle through. Later, the cloak returns. Wonder Woman’s greatest power may be the ability to have her hair look perfect despite being in some many battles. The old picture of Wonder Woman and her crew from Batman vs. Superman has some key differences from the one recreated for the Wonder Woman movie. When Wonder Woman and Steve attack a group of spies in the alleyway, they knock out the spies but then just leave them there without contacting any authorities. During the attack scene on the village of Veld, her shield is blown away, only to return moments later as they battle a sniper shooting from a tower. Watch to see all of these movie mistakes and others found in the hit movie Wonder Woman!

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