15 Powerful Female Anime Characters That Make Male Characters Look Weak!

A story within Anime wouldn’t be complete without its protagonists, and there are plenty of girls, goddesses, and young women who can definitely kick some serious butt! When someone thinks of a powerful anime character, they might think of Madara Uchiha from Naruto: Shippuden, Goku from Dragon Ball Super, or even Aizen from Bleach, but there are quite many female characters who are equally, if not even more powerful than them! For instance, take a look at Akame from Akame Ga Kill, who not only looks formidable, but her sword fighting skills are equally imposing as well. Kaguya, was revealed to be the final villain of the main Naruto series, and she overshadowed the already impressive power that Madara himself showed capable of.

Not all female anime characters have to be as overpowered as Kaguya to be feared, since Lucy, from Elfen Lied, possessed terrifying vectors to tear apart her enemies. Kaede, from Assassination Classroom, also had her own set of tentacles that gave her insane speed and strength alike. However, Kefla, from Dragon Ball Super, proved that even a shy-looking girl and a cocky mob-leader could come together into a fierce saiyan warrior that rivaled the power of the gods themselves! Vados, the sister of Whis, implied within the Dragon Ball Super manga that she was more powerful than him, and that’s quite a big accomplishment since the angel attendants are so mighty that they can effortlessly one-shot the gods of destruction themselves! Even so, their stature is inferior compared to that of Madoka, who became a literal abstract being at the peak of her power! There are many more characters that make many male anime characters look like ants in comparison!

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