Kendall Jenner Fired Her Security Guard

Kendall Jenner has fired her security guard.

That’s right, just days after the reality star fell victim to a jewelry heist, she sent out the pink slip to the man who was watching her house.

Page Six reports that Jenner was out hosting a party in Los Angeles, and after she returned home at 1 am, she noticed a jewelry box in his room was opened and about 200,000 dollars worth of pieces were missing. And since there was no sign of forced entry, investigators believe it was an inside job.

So you can probably understand why somebody had to get the boot.

The report goes on to state that the family was furious that an uninvited guest was allowed into the supermodel’s home while she was out – and while her security guard was posted outside the house.

Luckily there are plenty of security cameras posted around the property so police are hoping it will lead to the culprit.

It kind of reminds us of when Kim Kardashian reportedly fired her bodyguard after being robbed at gun point in Paris France.

Guess if you’re gonna work for the first family of reality TV, you best not make a mistake.


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