Georgina Chapman to Get $20 Million in Divorce | Daily Celebrity News

According to reports, Georgina Chapman is looking to get $20 million in her divorce to Harvey Weinstein.

At least Harvey Weinstein has one legal battle behind him: the one involving his wife.

It’s being reported that the disgraced media mogul has come to an agreement with Georgina Chapman and they will be submitting final paperwork in the coming days.

While it’s not clear just how much money she’ll be getting, there are some indications that she’s come out all right in the end.

Rumor has it that after ten years of marriage she would be entitled to between $15 and $20 million… but it appears she might have filed papers just a few weeks before that milestone actually happened.

So some are speculating she will get around $12 million.

And others say she will get the full twenty.

She will also get custody of the kids, and with that, child support payments too.

So far, more than a 100 women have come forward to claim that Harvey sexually harassed or assaulted them.


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