25 New Marvel Characters We Can Expect To See In Upcoming Movies

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is absolutely jam-packed full of amazing characters from the pages of Marvel’s comic books.

The likes of Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, the Hulk, Spider-Man, Scarlet Witch, Doctor Strange, Black Widow, Star-Lord and Thanos have all appeared in the franchise now.

But the continued expansion of the franchise means that there are A LOT more characters to come – and in this video we’ll run you through just some of them.

We’ll avoid characters who are absolutely confirmed – the likes of Captain Marvel and Adam Warlock are obviously on their way – and base this more on speculation, probability, and indeed hope.

This video is about 25 characters we can expect to see in upcoming Marvel movies. The characters in question are; The Korbinite warrior Beta Ray Bill, the Greek god Ares, Namor the Sub-Mariner, the Nova Corps’ last hope Nova AKA Richard Rider, the Quantum Band wielding Quasar, the telepathic Moondragon, Sersi of the Eternals, the day-walking vampire hunter Blade, the sorceress Clea, the demonic Mephisto, Thanos’ son Thane, the iconic villain Doctor Doom, the time-travelling Kang the Conquerer, Spider-Man’s arch-enemy Norman Osborn, Adam Warlock’s evil half the Magus, the powerful cyborg Michael Korvac, the super-strong She-Hulk, General Ross’ alter-ego the Red Hulk, the dangerous Kraven the Hunter, the mystical Captain Britain, the insanely powerful Sentry, the cosmic being known as the Beyonder, the iconic Fantastic Four, the mutants known as the X-Men, and Galactus (and his heralds).

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