5 Bart Simpson Fan Theories So Crazy They Might Be True !!

Do you think any of these theories about Bart Simpson might be true?

Bart Simpson is one of the key components of the success of The Simpsons and has been on the air for 29 years. Seeing Bart thrive in the animated world has brought on all types of animated stories and for fans — a whole lot of crazy theories. These theories have spread like wildfire through the internet and led to a lot of speculation about the character. Watch to see some of these crazy theories and which ones seem the most plausible in the show’s history.

Bart and Homer have had a crazy relationship, but over the years it seems like Bart’s hatred and jealousy has only grown with less scenes of love and caring between the two. A crazy theory started in 2010 and involved a secret episode of the Simpsons involving the death of Bart. The creepypasta has spread like crazy over the internet and led to all kinds of crazy fan theories. Bart loves to spend his freetime pranking Moe, but does Moe know all along that Bart is the one pranking him? Bart may repeat his same actions with the prank calls, but does he have a deep intelligence he chooses to hide? Maybe Bart is actually smarter than some of his own family years. Bart has done a lot of crazy things over the years, but are some of his actions pointing him to coming out of the closet anytime soon? Watch to see these theories, learn about their origins, and figure out how they apply to the legacy of the show!

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