5 Marvel Movie Moments You Didn’t Realize Are Actually Super Tragic

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is known for its amazing superhero action scenes as well as it’s funny moments. But what some MCU fans might not realize is that the likes of The Avengers, The Guardians of the Galaxy and others have gone through some tragic things. Sure, there’s the obvious ones, but some other Marvel moments may have slipped under your radar.


Groot’s Death When Baby Groot appeared happy and dancing in a mid-credit scene, it seemed like maybe the loveable guy had survived. Not so.

Groot’s Other Death That’s right, the MCU made us sit through TWO Groot deaths! Writer James Gunn revealed something about the second one that will break your heart.

Bucky’s Story In the middle of the action, has anyone taken a step back to appreciate how MESSED UP Bucky Barnes’ life has really been?

Battle on Xandar The Guardians were the main focus of the huge battle at the end of their first movie, but an entire population had huge repercussions.

Spider-Man’s Death There’s a reason that Spider-Man’s death in Infinity War was such a heartwrenching moment.

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