5 Secrets About Deadpool’s Suit Marvel Won’t Tell You

Every major franchise has its secrets, from big to small, Marvel has it all. “Deadpool 2” is certainly hiding some notable mysteries, if not confidential mysteries, that Marvel won’t tell you. That’s exactly why we’re here, to make sure you get all the secrets direct from us to you! Want to know what’s behind the Merc with a Mouth’s mask? Yes, we know, Canadian cutie, Ryan Reynolds, but other than that? Then you’re in the right place. We’re going to reveal everything you want to know about Wade Wilson’s suit.

There are specific aspects built into the suit that makes it easier for Reynolds to act. These pieces of technology took an incredible amount of time by a great team to perfect. Apart from the suit making anyone look cool, it is also one of the best represented Marvel characters from the comics. In “Deadpool 2,” the filmmakers even gave a shout out to another Deadpool costume…did you catch that one they won’t tell you about? Why is the suit red, other than just “because that’s how it is in the comics? And is the film franchise keeping something away from the comic books after all they’ve given to the film?

Deadpool is a badass and so is the guy playing him, we can’t wait to tell you what he did with the suit when he wrapped shooting! Ready to take down your entire X-Force team in a parachute jump, punch Cable (Josh Brolin), and ride a Vespa?! Then let’s get going and check these secrets out!

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