5 Secrets About Gal Gadot’s Marriage That Would Surprise Her Fans

Gal Gadot has a slew of successes, one of them being her marriage. Aside from the perfect Hollywood relationship, Gal won Miss Israel in 2004 and was an Israeli Defense Force Instructor, as well as a model, actress, and businesswoman. What does this woman not do!? Gal met Yaron Varsano in one of the most unique fashions, introduced by mutual friends at…you didn’t guess it…a yoga/desert party retreat. Instantly the two connected and fast forward twelve years later and they have two beautiful daughters, ran the hot spot boutique hotel together in Tel Aviv, named The Varsano Hotel, and have mastered the art of work-life balance.

Gadot is known worldwide for portraying the iconic character of Wonder Woman. Her husband, Yaron, is a real estate tycoon of sorts, known for his business. Each of them have busy lives and they still find the time to support each other and post about their love on every social media platform…keep ‘em coming guys, we love it!

However, there are some secrets about this perfect marriage that will surprise even the biggest of the Gal Gadot fans! What piece of architecture did she help inspire the concept for? What is the large age gap in the relationship, and is Gal’s husband responsible for us continually getting to see her on the big screen? We answer all of these questions and several others focused all on Gal Gadot’s marriage! Watch this video and we’ll reveal all that and more to shock the socks off you!

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