5 Weird Facts You Didn’t Know About Deadpool’s Superpowers

It’s pretty clear based on the Deadpool movies starring Ryan Reynolds that Wade Wilson AKA Deadpool is a pretty special guy. Not only does he have amazing ninja-like skills, he also has healing abilities to the point of being able to regenerate body parts. But what other superpowers does this character have that Fox and Marvel haven’t really explored in the movies? Let’s check some of those out!


Chaotic Mind

There’s no doubt that there’s some crazy stuff going inside Wade Wilson’s head. What you might not realize, is that his wild psyche is a power in itself!

4th Wall Breaks

Although Deadpool addressing the audience directly might just seem like a fun little entertaining aspect of the movies, there’s a lot more going on there.


This was a power of Deadpool’s back when he first started out as a bad guy. When he became a protagonist though, you’ll see why they got rid of this power.]

Hangover Resistance

This won’t necessarily help Wade in a fight, unless that fight takes place after a night of heavy drinking.

Super Strength

According to Marvel, Wade has a strength level of four. Does that qualify as super? We certainly think so.


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