Cardi B SUED For $10 Million By Ex-Manager After She Fired Him

Cardi B’s been slapped with a lawsuit from her ex-manager for a whopping 10 million bucks. This episode is brought to you by Secret Active. New Secret Active provides protection in the moments when it matters most.

The man who discovered Cardi wants a piece of her overwhelming success.

Cardi B’s industry takeover has come with its fair share of drama. And it’s just getting started. Cardi’s former manager known as Shaft claims he discovered her when she was an Instagram wannabe and turned her into the rap star she is today. He’s suing Cardi for a chill 10 million bucks, claiming he’s been sidelined and left out of her major success.

Shaft, AKA Klenord Raphael, claims Cardi pursued him as a manager back in 2015. He took her on “as if she were his daughter” by showing her the ropes of the music industry and got her involved in VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop”. He also claims it was his personal team of writers and producers that were responsible for her breakout track “Bodak Yellow”- which led to her mega record deal.

TMZ reports Cardi’s side of the story is that she ditched Shaft because he was stealing tons of her cash. Cardi allegedly confronted him during Super Bowl weekend, claiming he was making it look like she was earning less than she was, and pocketing the difference.

In addition to suing her for peacing out on him, Shaft is suing Cardi for defamation saying she told her fiance Offset that he robbed her blind. Shaft says Offset texted him in December saying QUOTE, “better stop play acting like u don’t know u taking her sh** from her u a snake. U can’t hide from me and u not bout to play my WIFE.” Turns out Offset went ballistic when he found out Cardi was paying Shaft a 20% manager fee, which is higher than industry standards.

What do ya’ll think actually happened here? Do you think Cardi ditched her manager when she got a taste of fame? Or is Shaft playing her from multiple angles? Tell us below your hunch on this one. As always I’m your girl Drew Dorsey, thanks for checking in with Clevver. And then click to the right to find out why Cardi canceled her remaining tour dates and don’t forget to subscribe! This episode was brought to you by Secret Active. Elevate your performance with Secret Active.

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