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10 Marvel Movie Heroes Who Did Terrible Things We Choose To Ignore

When you really think about it, these Marvel heroes have done some terrible things! We all make mistakes but when you’re a super-powered do-gooder, even the smallest of blunders can have Earth-shattering consequences. Maybe you left your keys in the car this morning and locked yourself out or spilled milk during breakfast but imagine if […]

5 Marvel Actors Who Were Totally Transformed For Guardians of the Galaxy

Can how believe the makeup and costume work that went into making Guardians of the Galaxy? The Guardians of the Galaxy films certainly have some pretty interesting looking aliens. Whether you’re talking about Yondu, leader of the Ravagers. Nebula, the blue assassin out for revenge, or Gamora, her green-skinned sister, just looking to find her […]

The Untold Truth Of Theresa Caputo

Since debuting in 2011, Long Island Medium has dominated ratings and made its star, Long Island native Theresa Caputo, a household name. Caputo’s larger-than-life personality is undoubtedly to thank, as is her reported ability to see, feel and sense spirits. But there’s a lot you might not actually know about Theresa Caputo… Real or just […]

The Untold Truth Of Drax The Destroyer – Looper

Winning over audiences with his joyfulness, hyper-literal language, and sense of loyalty, the interstellar warrior Drax the Destroyer is one of the brightest figures in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. You couldn’t quite say the same for his comic book counterpart. In many ways, Dave Bautista’s interpretation of Drax is barely recognizable from the character in […]

Every Live-Action Superman Ranked From Worst To Best – Looper

More than any other comic book hero, Superman has been as defined by his portrayals off the page as he is within them. Whether it’s the radio show introducing Kryptonite and Jimmy Olsen in the ’40s or the way Christopher Reeve made audiences believe a man could fly in 1978, the men playing the Man […]

The Most Terrifying Opening Scenes In Horror Films

Usually, the best horror films earn their scares with gradually escalating tension. The following flicks, however, jump straight into the scares before the audience even gets settled in their seats. Many of them are among the scariest movies ever made, and every one of them boasts opening sequences that are certain to have the faint […]

Plots That Were Stolen From Other Movies

It’s all but impossible to tell a truly original story. After over a century of cinema, it’s safe to say that virtually every possible premise has already been covered. But some movies don’t even attempt to be even a little original, stealing their plots almost wholesale from films that came before. Here are some classic […]

What Andrew Lincoln’s Departure Means For The Walking Dead

If there’s one thing The Walking Dead has proven over its run, it’s that no one is safe. From Lori’s disturbing demise to the gruesome fates of Abraham and Glenn, the AMC series has made it pretty clear that in Robert Kirkman’s zombie apocalypse, the stakes are high. One character that has felt untouchable through […]

The Untold Truth Of Johnny Depp

Over the course of a film and television career that’s spanned over 30 years, Johnny Depp has played more than a few strange characters. Some have been part of his bizarre collaborative history with director Tim Burton, which has seen him become everyone from Willy Wonka to Sweeney Todd, but he’s also always marched to […]

Great Movies Almost Ruined By A Singular Bad Performance ??

You know that moment : the one when you’re watching a great movie, and you’re taken out of it every time a particular actor shows up onscreen? A single person can throw a whole movie out of whack with a performance that’s clearly disconnected from everything else. It can be painful to watch. But the […]