Characters In Deadpool 2 With More Meaning Than You Realized

True to the spirit of everyone’s favorite regenerating degenerate, Deadpool 2 doesn’t hold back on the violence, profanity, and fourth-wall-breaks, taking everything great about the first movie and turning it up to 11. In that vein, Deadpool 2 also introduced a ton of new characters, and then…well, let’s just say there are plenty of spoilers ahead. Some of those new characters carry a lot of weight in the comics…and a few have even saved the world once or twice. Let’s take a look at all the characters in Deadpool 2 who mean more than you realized…

Zeitgeist | 0:29

Bedlam | 1:48

Vanisher | 2:52

Black Tom Cassidy | 3:41

Russell | 4:31

Domino | 5:26

Hope Summers | 6:01

Yukio and Shatterstar | 6:56

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