Critics – 7 Things About Hotel Transylvania 3 That Make No Sense ?

Hotel Transylvania 3 is a movie aimed at young children so the plot and story work on a pretty simple basis, but when you break things down, there are a number of elements which make absolutely no sense. Let’s dive in to recap the Adam Sandler film, discuss these things, and see where the third HT movie took a turn.

All of the crew members aboard the HT 3 cruise ship are actually talking fish with large human feet. The absurd design left us with a whole lot of questions. The cruise ship featured a casino on it where Frankenstein lost his pair of hands and had to replace them with lobster claws. His body was already stitched up from other parts — why couldn’t he find replacement hands once the cruise ended? The ship size looked like a replica of the Titanic, but was much more massive than you could imagine. What were all the extra floors for?! Speaking of a massive size, why was the giant puppy brought with everyone on vacation? Logistically, the whole size thing made absolutely no sense! Van Helsing set out to destroy monsters because they were so different, but his state in the movie made him more of a monster than anyone else on the ship. The Kraken is an evil sea monster called out to do battle against the monsters, but a special song helped get him away. But they had many other options to consider when choosing the perfect song. Watch to see all these crazy problems and several others from Hotel Transylvania 3.

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