Critics – Dark Steven Universe Facts Cartoon Network Wants To Keep Hidden ?

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Steven Universe provides a ton of content for fans to watch over and dissect. The Cartoon Network show has been airing for five seasons and features a lot of fun adventures along with some great plot twists along the way. There are also a lot of secrets the show or the Cartoon Network doesn’t want you to know. Watch and learn about these secrets and see fans have reacted to them over the years.

Many shows go through developmental changes over time, but Steven Universe features a big change to the main character. In the earlier episodes he was more chubby and definitely packed on a little weight. In later episodes, Steven suddenly slimmed down. Something else which slimmed down? The show’s ratings. Poor scheduling and release dates have led to multiple issues with keeping the fan base around. Steven’s Gem may be located on his belly button, but the shiny thing could also be a sign of his impending doom. Steven has an interesting relationship with all the gems, but they are actually based off a real-life dynamic some children may not even realize. The Gems have stood by Steven’s side for numerous years, but are they truly hiding something which has not been revealed yet? Cartoon Network tries to make money off the Steven Universe comics, but are they a rip-off without any extra plot details? The show has featured guest stars before, but there was a famous rapper who provided the voice of Sugilite without even advertising her appearance on the show. Watch to see all of these dark secrets!

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