Critics – No one noticed Simpsons Mistake and Took 23 Years To Find ??

Wow, we can’t believe no one noticed this Simpsons mistake earlier!

As the Simpsons prepares to enter it’s landmark 30th season, fans and creators of the show love to look back and watch past seasons of your favorite yellow family. While numerous Easter Eggs and goofs have been spotted over the years, Simpsons writer Matt Selman noticed something no one else did in the past 23 years. The mistake has to do with the Simpsons’ baby Maggie during a season 6 flashback episode. Seeing the mistake creates so many questions about the show and makes you wonder if it was actually a mistake at all.

Of course, like little detail on an animated show like The Simpsons, these mistakes can often to lead to some crazy fan theories and this one is no different. Could there have been a long-lost child in the Simpson’s family? Did Marge go through a tragic loss? Some more details may undercover the truth about this mistake and it could all be directly linked to Lisa Simpson as well. Watch to see the mistake and if you caught it way back in season 6. Thanks to Fox’s Simpsons World website, we have easy access to every single Simpsons episode and can rewatch them all in stunning HD quality. We can imagine more details and mistakes will be discovered as the years go by. All of our simpsons fans will scour episodes to look for these clues and discover more hidden secrets from the long-running animated show. Watch to see the pivotal moment and then determine why you think it was there, if it was actually a mistake, or if there’s something else we’re missing!

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