Dark Theories About “Dead” MCU Villains

Could some of these Marvel Cinematic Universe baddies still be alive out there?

Theories about the MCU are about as old as the MCU itself, but there have been an increase in dark theories about the so called “dead” villains as of late. With Thanos wiping out half the universe, things may need rebalancing. A few villains in the MCU have all died due to the power of the infinity stones, so what’s stopping the stones from bringing the likes of Ultron and Ronan back? We’ve already seen Red Skull come back after all. Ultron could also come back under the guise of Vision, as the two beings share quite the connection with the mind stone. There’s a theory that Thanos could open the multiverse up and bring an army of MCU villains back from other realities as well. Thanos does need backup these days as the black order is gone. After being dusted, who’s to say that Wanda Maximoff and Bucky Barnes won’t come back as their previous evil selves? There’s also a pretty amusing theory about Hydra’s plan and mutants, which explains the relationship between Disney and Fox quite well. A Killmonger theory also exists, suggesting he could come back thanks to the power of the Black Panther and that Ronan the Accuser can also return as he was destroyed by the Power Stone. Finally, Loki the Trickster is theorized to have planned everything since the first Avengers film and planned to die in Infinity War in order to get a second chance at the battle in the past thanks to the Time Stone.

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