Everything We Know About The World War Z – Sequel So Far

In Hollywood, the state of a big-budget movie can change at the drop of a hat. Take 2013’s World War Z, for instance. After a cavalcade of behind-the-scenes drama, it’s a wonder that the project even made it to theaters. But once it did, the movie proved its worth by raking in roughly $540 million dollars worldwide. Similarly, the World War Z sequel has changed directors, screenwriters, has been assigned multiple release dates, and was even pulled entirely from Paramount’s release calendar. So what exactly is the current state of the zombie sequel? Here’s everything we know about the follow-up to World War Z…

Brad’s back | 0:33

Mireille Enos | 0:57

Rewrites | 1:23

Scheduling conflicts | 1:51

Fincher’s entrance | 2:28

Not a cash grab | 3:12

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