Family Guy, you can always expect the unexpected

25 Times Family Guy Took Everyone By Surprise

Since Day One, Family Guy has been known to be one of the most offensive shows out there. The exploits of the Griffin Family and their neighbours has never been afraid to push every button they can, and no one is safe! There are many moments that surprised us, like when that Brian became obsessed with sleeping with Meg’s teenaged friend, or the when Quagmire murdered the entire Simpsons family. We gasped when Peter gave away Anne Frank’s hiding place, when a barbershop quartet sang a song about AIDS, and when Stewie mercilessly beat up Brian who owed him money. An episode about a terrorist attack on the Boston marathon had terrible timing, a Bill Cosby joke mocked the disgraced comedian, and Quagmire himself is just a pretty bad guy. God revealing the stereotypical Asian had some heads shaking, as did Peter’s stroke, the Freakin’ FCC, the Prom Night Dumpster Baby song, Joe and his friends forming the Crippletron, and a McCain/Palin sticker on a Nazi. A domestic abuse episode was too much for some, just like Meg and Chris making out, Michael J Fox as Zorro, the elementary school Terri Schiavo Musical, Peter dressing like a high school shooter, a joke about a JFK Pez Dispenser, and a pretty tasteless joke about Quagmire sleeping with his daughter. O.J. Simpson starred in an episode, Peter sang a song filled with Jewish stereotypes, an abortion episode was banned in the United States, and a Stewie with breasts came with no explanation!


Brian and Patty
Simpsons Feud Gone Too Far
Peter’s Chips
The AIDS Barbershop Quartet
Where’s My Money?
Terrible Timing
Going After Bill
The Asian
Peter’s Stroke
The Freakin’ FCC
Prom Night Dumpster Baby
The Crippletron
Vote McCain/Palin
Brenda Quagmire
Spin The Bottle
The Terri Schiavo Musical
School Shooting
JFK Pez Dispenser
Quagmire’s Daughter
O.J. Simpson
I Need A Jew
The Banned Episode
Stewie Has Breasts?

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