Marvel Theory : How Powerful Is Thanos Without The Infinity Stones?

Marvel Infinity War’s debut finally brought us the might that Thanos of Titan was hyped to bring ever since the end credits scene within the 2012’s Avengers film. We didn’t get to see much of Thanos’ natural prowess before obtaining the other stones, but what evidence is there to justify a high ranking amongst some of the mightiest Avengers like Thor, the God of Thunder, or the Hulk, the strongest one there is?

Heavy spoilers ahead, so if you have not watched Infinity War, it would be a good idea to click off this video. Much of the film’s plot beyond what the trailers unveiled will be talked about in this video. Alongside important plot points that occurred within Thor: Ragnarok and Age of Ultron.

Although the comic book Thanos and cinematic universe Thanos are quite different not only in goals, personality, abilities, but also their power. So, one might think that it would be nonsensical to attempt to gauge the power of Thanos from what little we saw from him fight without the aid of the infinity stones. However, the comic books and the movie alike has shown us characters that Thanos stand above, not only in strength, but durability, combat, and intelligence as well. Whether it be the God of Thunder, Thor, the massively faster than light herald of Galactus, the Silver Surfer, or even Odin himself, there are quite many characters which Thanos has fought on par with, if not outright decimated without the aid of the infinity stones. It is quite up in the air of how strong Thanos is exactly within the MCU, but taking a look into the comics may reveal where he would logically rank in comparison to the heroes and villains alike.


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