Movie Analysis – The Real Truth Behind Winnie The Pooh

You probably grew up watching Winnie The Pooh, but did you know the bear’s real world origins?

Christopher Robin is now out in theaters everywhere, and it has Winnie the Pooh back on a lot of people’s minds. Which begs the question, how many people who are running out to check out the latest Disney film know the real world origins of the tubby little cubby all stuffed with fluff?

We here at Screen Rant are willing to bet that at least a few of you don’t know the story of A. A. Milne, of his time in the British Military, of the fact that Pooh is based off of his son’s teddy bear. Or perhaps, the fact that Christopher Robin was actually a real person, who grew up to hate his fictional namesake. All this and more, in this Screen Rant list video!


A. A. Milne
The Bear
Christopher Robin

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