Movie Critics – Movie Items More Powerful Than Marvel’s Infinity Stones

In this year’s Avengers: Infinity War, the Mad Titan Thanos showed that the Infinity Stones are incredibly potent when they’re combined in the Infinity Gauntlet – as he used all six of them to erase half of all life in the universe with a snap of his fingers, for goodness sake!

However, prior to the coming together of all six of the stones, they hadn’t exactly been overly impressive on their own.

Sure, the Power Stone destroyed a planet in a flashback-esque scene, but the others were extremely underwhelming and didn’t really do anything to suggest they were as powerful as they were implied to be.

In this video, we’ll run you through some items from the world of movies that are more powerful than any individual MCU Infinity Stone.

The items in question are; Stormbreaker from the MCU, The Mask from the movie of the same name, the Universal Remote Control from Click, the Jumanji and Zathura board games from the movies of the same names, G.O.R.T. from The Day the Earth Stood Still, Cerebro from the X-Men movies, the Tablet of Ahkmenrah from the Night at the Museum movies, the Arc Net Shield from Men in Black 3, the World Engine from the DCEU’s Man of Steel, and the Death Star from the Star Wars movies.

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1. Stormbreaker
2. The Mask
3. The Universal Remote Control
4. Jumanji & Zathura
5. G.O.R.T.
6. Cerebro
7. The Tablet of Ahkmenrah
8. The Arc Net Shield
9. The World Engine
10. The Death Star

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