Pop Stars Who Haven’t Realized They’re Not Famous Anymore

Pop stars don’t typically have the longest shelf life. In the age of social media celebrities, stars have to work extremely hard, release work often, and reinvent themselves enough times to stay relevant and not be swept away in a wave of newer, shinier singers with more Instagram followers and YouTube streams. But these pop stars can’t seem to accept the fact that stardom is fleeting and they’ve fallen by the wayside. Here are the stars who haven’t realized they’re not famous anymore…

Fergie | 0:27

Katy Perry | 1:24

Azealia Banks | 2:14

Iggy Azalea | 2:49

Rita Ora | 3:30

Meghan Trainor | 4:28

Nelly Furtado | 5:03

Nick Jonas | 5:46

Justin Timberlake | 6:56

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