Selena Gomez Shows Off New Puma Kicks In SEXY Photoshoot

Puma came out with a new line of kicks called The Defy and defying no one’s expectation, Selena is SLAYING the ad campaign.

The sneakers come in four colors and Selena is posting in the white ones looking all kinds of sultry and strong. We get that the ad campaign is about the sneakers, but we’re super into the leggings with the sheer panels and Selena’s stellar poses. They’re super helpful in teaching us how to stretch!
This is Selena’s second sneaker collaboration with Puma, with the first being the Phenom Lux which dropped in April for 110 dollars.
This new line came out today the chunky training shoes are available today and cost 90$.
Will you be buying the new kicks or do you already have the other ones? What do you think of the new campaign? Let us know all your thoughts in the comment section below and when you’re done with that, click right over here to check out our 100th episode of Beauty Trippin! Thanks for watching Celvver Newsfeed, I’m Zoë Lillian and I’ll see you next time.

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