Small Details You Missed In Avengers: Infinity War – Looper

Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War packed a lot of characters and a lot of plot into its nearly three hour runtime. With all the character names, subplots, and relationships that fans had to keep straight, it’s no surprise that there were some Easter eggs that flew over audiences’ heads. Here are a few small details you might have missed in Avengers: Infinity War…

Nebula disassembled | 0:27

Ultimate Thor | 1:05

Cap v Thanos: Dawn of Just Us | 1:39

Colorblind Vision | 2:06

17A protocol | 2:49

The Doctor is in trouble | 3:39

Hulk in a Strange land | 4:05

White Wolf | 4:454

Ambiguous ending | 5:19

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