Teen Titans: The Truth Behind Beast Boy And Raven’s Complicated Relationship

Nobody ever said relationships were easy, and that still rings true, even if you’re a teenage superhero. The characters of Beast Boy and Raven from the DC comic series, and then the Cartoon Network favourite series Teen Titans, and finally the totally wacky reboot series Teen Titans Go! Are as complicated and tumultuous as any Jane Austen characters. With his outgoing, over the top, jokester personality, and her sullen, introspective, quietness, they seem like a match that would never work. But maybe that’s exactly why they work so well. When they first meet, they do nothing but annoy and provoke each other, and with Beast Boy’s affections for Terra, it seems like these two will never be an item. But in Teen Titans Go, there is no shying away from the fact that Beast Boy likes Raven, even if it takes her a while to respond to his advances. They couldn’t be more different, but they find common ground in how much they care about the other. It’s possible that a strong friendship is even more valuable, but once again Teen Titans Go! raises the stakes with Raven’s first admission of affection when her passionate side can’t stop kissing Beast Boy in Colors of Raven. Then things really start to escalate, like the episoded Matched in which the two almost end up married on a rooftop, or when Beast Boy turns into the Werebeast to save her life. Finally, whether it’s in Teen Titans Go when they end up together, or Teen Titans where their friendship endures, it’s clear these two have a bond for life.

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