The Ending Of Deadpool 2 Explained

Deadpool 2 is a cinematic blessing the likes of which the world hasn’t seen since Infinity War came out two weeks earlier. That said, the sarcastic, fourth-wall-breaking X-Men spinoff is up there with the very best of superhero sequels – like Spider-Man 2, X2, or the second Godfather. It raises the stakes, widens the world, and racks up a bone-crunching body count. The movie’s got everything you need but a free chimichanga. Were you too busy laughing to catch exactly what was going on at the end of Deadpool 2? If so, don’t worry. We’ve got ourselves a cell-phone-quality camera rip of this R-rated blockbuster, and we’ve combed through it frame-by-frame to get you all the facts you need. So buckle up, family – it’s time to break down the insane ending of Deadpool 2…

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