The Most Terrible Films From 2018 So Far – Looper

Not every Hollywood release can be a home run, but you should at least be able to expect some decent entertainment when you go to the theater. Every so often, however, even great filmmakers will churn out a pretty terrible movie. In 2018, these are the films that perked up our ears, and then sent us home with our hearts unfulfilled, our wallets empty, and our foreheads sore from all the facepalming. These are the worst movies of the year so far. And they sure aren’t pretty…

Insidious: The Last Key | 0:27

Proud Mary | 1:32

The 15:17 to Paris | 2:03

Midnight Sun | 3:08

Forever My Girl | 3:59

Sherlock Gnomes | 4:55

Death Wish | 6:01

The Cloverfield Paradox | 6:55

Winchester | 7:58

Fifty Shades Freed | 8:51

A Wrinkle in Time | 9:21

The Outsider | 10:16

Acrimony | 10:56

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