The Truth About Doctor Strange ??

Doctor Strange is a very specific kind of superhero. Instead of patrolling the city for muggers or bank robbers, he fights demons and warlords from other dimensions and deals with the manifestations of otherwise abstract concepts, like Eternity and Death. But while his bizarre, mind-bending adventures have made him one of the weirder characters in the Marvel Universe, the good Doctor has left huge footprints on the cultural landscape. From Steve Ditko’s psychedelic extra-dimensional landscapes to his numerous connections to the world of rock ‘n’ roll, here’s the truth behind Dr. Stephen Strange…

Who wants to live forever? | 0:34
The Sorcerer Supreme vs. Amy Grant | 1:19
Too many zeroes | 2:04
Doctor Strange is cool with Doctor Strange | 3:09
The Doctor ROCKS | 3:54
The clothes make the man | 4:53
The Substitute Supreme | 5:41
Galactus? Pfft | 6:34

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