The Untold Truth Of Captain America

Steve Rogers, the World War II hero and perennial Avenger known as Captain America, has been a cultural icon since he was famously introduced punching Adolf Hitler in the face on the cover of Captain America Comics #1. While you might already know about his decades spent as an icicle or his frenemy relationship with Iron Man, there’s plenty of lesser-known details about the Sentinel of Liberty. Here is the untold truth of Captain America…

He trains every Avenger | 0:34

Multiple Buckys | 1:07

Replaced by Black Panther | 2:03

The Falcon and the Red Skull | 2:51

Captain America and the Captain Americas | 3:43

Will the real Cap please stand up? | 4:56

What makes a shield? | 5:45

Shield-throwing sense | 7:05

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