The Worst Celebrity Makeup Disasters Ever

Let’s face it: It’s easier to look good when you have a team of professionals to prep and primp you to perfection. Celebrity makeup artists can make any canvas look stunning, and when you’re starting from a base of seemingly unattainable beauty, how can you go wrong? Shocking as it may be, it’s all too common for stars to hit red carpets and special events looking like a bit of a mess. Whether it’s bad lighting, smudged mascara, or just an unflattering shade of lipstick, these celebs unfortunately fell victim to public makeup disasters…

Jessie J | 0:29
Chrissy Teigen | 1:04
Charlize Theron | 1:45
Nicki Minaj | 2:12
Katy Perry | 2:46
Victoria Beckham | 3:23
Selena Gomez | 3:49

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