These Were The Biggest Flops Movies Of The Last 15 Years

For every mega-expensive blockbuster grossing more than a billion dollars worldwide, there’s always a mega-expensive box office flop greeted by moviegoers with all the enthusiasm of Tax Day. Now, every major studio film seems to cost upwards of 100 million dollars to produce, and inevitably, many movies never come close to making that money back. These are the films whose production bills and astronomical marketing budgets landed them on the list of the biggest flops of the past 15 years…

Speed Racer | 0:27

Sahara | 1:22

How Do You Know | 2:21

Ben-Hur | 3:16

The Alamo | 3:55

Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas | 4:51

Mars Needs Moms | 5:37

Tomorrowland | 6:16

The Lone Ranger | 7:05

John Carter | 8:00

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