What Star Wars Movies Really Look Like Without Special Effects

When George Lucas came up with the idea of Star Wars in the mid-1970s, setting an adventure of this scope in outer space had never been done before. So how did he get the film to look so good when there were no visual effects companies up to the challenge at the time? He started his own. Industrial Light and Magic was formed to handle the special effects in Star Wars, and they’re still revolutionizing the industry with their work. Let’s peek behind the scenes at what Star Wars movies look like before they work their magic…

A New Hope | 0:28
The Empire Strikes Back | 1:34
Return of the Jedi | 2:27
The Phantom Menace | 3:30
Attack of the Clones | 4:44
Revenge of the Sith | 6:05
The Force Awakens | 7:39
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story | 8:49
The Last Jedi | 10:02

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