Why Hollywood Won’t Cast Kat Dennings Anymore

Actress Kat Dennings has charmed audiences on the small and big screen since she was a teen, but she’s best known for her six-year run in a role that perfectly suited her comic gifts and big personality: Max Black, the sarcastic and wisecracking diner waitress and cupcake baker on CBS’ 2 Broke Girls. A huge role on a huge show, plus her prominent relationship with musician Josh Groban, kept Dennings on the pop culture radar for years. But then, she just kind of disappeared. It feels like Hollywood won’t cast Dennings anymore. Why isn’t she around as much as she used to be?

Not-so-broke girl | 0:35

No more Thor | 1:21

Big breakup | 2:04

Voice work | 2:45

A look ahead | 3:16

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