Why Peter From Deadpool 2 Looks So Familiar

With the return of Deadpool’s Wade Wilson comes a whole new set of faces that will join the hero in his fight against evil in Deadpool 2 – and a new standout has taken the Internet by storm. Meet Peter, played by Rob Delaney. On the surface, Peter is your average middle-aged dude. But it seems that what he lacks in super powers, he makes up for with enthusiasm. Rob Delaney may be a new face in the comic book movies, but this isn’t his first rodeo. Let’s take a closer look at why Peter from Deadpool 2 looks so darn familiar…

Funniest Person on Twitter | 0:33

Published author | 1:11 S

tand-up | 2:03

TV roles | 2:43

Catastrophe | 3:19

UK star | 4:10

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