Why Skyscraper Bombed At The Box Office ? – Looper

We regret to inform you that Skyscraper has collapsed. Pitched as “Die Hard meets The Towering Inferno,” the Dwayne Johnson-led action movie premiered to a significantly lower-than-expected financial reception, coming out of its first weekend in third place at the box office. As a result, the would-be franchise starter will be lucky to make its money back, much less spark a new series. More likely than not, you can forget about a sequel already. So why is this disaster movie proving to be such a… disastrous movie? Could the Rock’s star be fading? Is the movie actually that bad? Let’s tally up the numbers and figure out the real reasons Skyscraper couldn’t stand tall at the box office…

What’s the damage? | 0:41
I think I’ve seen this | 1:30
Over-exposed | 2:23
The competition | 3:09
Catch it later | 3:53

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