Why The Predator Will Blow You Away ? – Looper

By now, there have been so many remakes, reboots, and unnecessary sequels to our favorite 80s action movies that it’s inevitable some of them are going to be pretty subpar. But there’s plenty of reason to believe The Predator will do right by its predecessors. Stacked with top-shelf talent both in front of and behind the camera, The Predator is neither a direct continuation of the original films nor a total reboot. Set in the same universe, it’s trying a story that’s completely new, and unlike the Alien vs. Predator movies, it actually looks kind of good. Here’s why we think The Predator will blow us away…

Resistance is futile | 0:34
Evolution of the hunt | 1:35
A different kind of cast | 2:38
Witty weirdness | 3:53
The Busey legacy | 4:35

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